About the Travel Size Family

We’ve taken the show on the road!

In mid-2013, Mr. B and I made a family decision. See, he was traveling all over the place for his job. He’d be gone for 3 or more weeks, come home for 2-3 days, then he’d be off again! It was getting stressful for everyone, including our 2 kids. After crunching some numbers and doing lots of Venn diagrams, we decided that being together on the road is way better than being apart for days on end.

Here is a run down of the main players:

Me and Mr. B

Mr. B and Me

Mr. B and Me

Here we are! We’re just a late-20-something couple doing our best to compliment each other. We also try to eat healthy and stay environmentally friendly while on the road and at home. One day, we’ll be driving a Tesla…once there’s one big enough to hold us and all our stuff!

Little Mr. D and Little Miss R

Little Mr. D and Little Miss R

Little Mr. D and Little Miss R

The Kids. Plane, train, and automobile travelers. Zoo connoisseurs. Hotel bed jumpers. They’re taking it all in, wherever we go.

Oh, you noticed one of them is of school age? How does that work you wonder? That’s correct friends, we’re…wait for it….homeschoolers. We homeschool at home and on the road (known as roadschool). It comes with the territory of traveling together as a family.

What you’ll find here:

Accounts of our travels, homeschool activities, tips for travelers, photos, fun, occasional ramblings about the environment, and more.

What you won’t find here:

Anything pertaining toΒ Mr. B or my work, specifics pertaining to the family.

So here we are! Come in! Come in! Meet the family! Let’s go get something to eat!


12 thoughts on “About the Travel Size Family

  1. Hi there Amanda,
    thank you for following my blog – I have returned the favour! πŸ™‚ It’s really interesting to find out about homeschooling families and how parents manage their lives and upbringing as they travel. What the differences are and the challenges they come across. I was late to homeschooling and road schooling my kids, they were in their teens when we started and never in my life had I given conscious thought to educating my children. Oh, how life changes a person. Now I am so glad my kids have had both the experience of school and the experience of being on the road. I recognise my style in both though. Offering them choice through personal experience is important to me and this I hope I have achieved. I look forward to reading your posts. janice

    • Thanks Janice! We came to roadschooling early, and I wasn’t thinking to far into the future, but now I can’t imagine sending my kids to a public school again! It’s wonderful to connect with you here and I look forward to reading your posts as well!

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    • Thanks Carol, what an honor! It’s support from bloggers like you that keeps me going when life gets super busy! Thank you again, and congratulations!

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